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May – National Military Appreciation Month!


Congress designated May as National Military Appreciation Month in 1999 to ensure the nation was given the opportunity to publically demonstrate their appreciation for the sacrifices and successes made by our service members – past and present.

Thank You Knights of Columbus


Heartbeat is very grateful to Knights of Columbus leaders Dan O’Brien, Mike Bohm,Terry Welsh, Steve Ramseyer who brought Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors to the Bothell area Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s conference. As reported by Dan the event was well supported with about 400 men. Many were very interested in our Therapy Programs. Thank you Gentlemen for your great support and outstanding work.

No More Target Gift Cards


Because of Target’s dysfunctional and outrageous policy regarding transgender bathroom use, Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors® will no longer accept Target gift cards in any amount.



Heartbeat Disclaimer

In light of negative news reports re: the National (non- profit) Wounded Warrior Project (WWP); people have mistakenly confused Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors® as being a part or a chapter of WWP. This is Not True! Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors® is a much smaller, non-profit in WA state. We have never been associated or partnered with or received funds from WWP. All of our financial info is on our website which we execute with great integrity.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions. Thank you as always for your support!

Janice Buckley
Founder/President Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors®

Heartbeat Christmas Stocking Program 2015


Veteran’s Day Nov 11



Heartbeat honors and thanks ALL of our Veteran Heroes on this Veteran’s Day.  Our men and women that put on the uniform, never guaranteed that they will come home safe or at all, but still they go..right into harm’s way for all of us. Please remember on this very special day that it is the Warrior and his or her family that have laid down their lives to keep all of us free, something politicians have no clue about.

Please see the link below re one POW’s story of 7 years of hell…

Thank you to all the men and women and their families across this nation who have courageously served this wonderful country!!

Presentation of the Knights of Columbus 2015 Patriotic Quilt



Pictured from left to right are;
Pat Maloney – Membership Chairman Supreme Council
Wayne Hogan – Past Vice Supreme Master
Carol Obrien, Lady of the Knights of Columbus
Janice Buckley – Founder/President Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors
Dan Obrien- FN Bothell Knights of Columbus
Greg Mahoney – State Warden

Dan Obrien has taken the lead in “traveling” with the beautiful, homemade Patriotic Quilt to the different Knights of Columbus’s Assemblies gatherings all over Western WA. The Knights are selling tickets for the quilt and the money will be donated to Heartbeat’s Christmas Stocking Program, then given to a Veteran.  Heartbeat is very grateful for the enthusiastic support of the Knights of Columbus and their leadership to provide donations to assist our wounded warriors.  Thank you!!

Scuba Warriors Boat Dive


Heartbeat’s Scuba Warriors go out on a chartered boat dive to advance their learned skills, have fun in a pain free environment and destress, Scuba Warrior’s Instructors were also on board. Everyone had a great time and this is one of the benefits of this program.

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Heartbeat’s Scuba Warriors boat dive Oct 9, 2015 , Everyone had the best time, a whole new world underwater and a very nice change for our Warriors

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9/11 We must NEVER Forget!


14 years ago cowardly radical islamic terrorists killed 3000 innocent Americans. AMERICA will NEVER Bow to these terrorists! JUSTICE Will Prevail!!


Scuba Warriors on Evening Magazine NBC, Aug 2015


KING 5’s Drew Mikkelsen reports.

Joan Kinsey, KING 5 EVENING3:28 p.m. PDT September 2, 2015


(Photo: KING 5 Evening)

Des Moines, WA. — In the calm waters of Puget Sound the healing begins for a team of veterans scarred by war.

“I had a light case of TBI, traumatic brain injury”, said scuba diving Mike Biggs. “Kind of went through a state of depression, not being able to function that well.”

Biggs suffered his injuries after serving three tours in Iraq. For Ken Young it’s a similar story.

“One of my injuries was a traumatic brain injury which was pretty severe, cognitive difficulties. I have sensory loss,” explained Young.

Adjusting to civilian life while dealing with so much hurt seemed insurmountable. But, then these men found support in a brotherhood called SWAT, Scuba Warrior Alumni Team.

Biggs said, “Part of diving is the buddy system. You’ve got to learn to stick together and start talking.”

The local, non-profit organization, Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors backs the team, their training, and open water dives.

Both Biggs and Young became scuba instructors for the program and now lead other veterans into a liquid space where weightlessness clears the mind and eases pain.

Scuba Warrior, Jordon Scott said, “Under the water I feel weightless, I don’t have knee problems, I don’t feel my back problems. It just puts me in a playful mood.”

Biggs added, “For me there are times I will just float and just meditate.

Young said, “I’m in the water something changes, I come out a new man. I can think clearly, I feel like my brain is working quicker, I can feel hot and cold which normally I don’t. I can smell which normally I don’t. Now it’s hard to tell I have a condition.”

From land, Young’s daughter, Cassandra can see the positive changes , too. She’s witnessed how time under water can heal most wounds.

“And it’s really helped everyone in my family and it really makes him so happy and it makes me so happy,” she said.

The battle isn’t over yet for the Scuba Warriors, but with every dive, they experience new-found freedom.

“I love it , I get out there I get excited. Diving is my life here,” said Biggs.

Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors®: Let the Healing Begin...®