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14 years ago cowardly radical islamic terrorists killed 3000 innocent Americans. AMERICA will NEVER Bow to these terrorists! JUSTICE Will Prevail!!


Scuba Warriors on Evening Magazine NBC, Aug 2015


KING 5’s Drew Mikkelsen reports.


Joan Kinsey, KING 5 EVENING3:28 p.m. PDT September 2, 2015


(Photo: KING 5 Evening)

Des Moines, WA. — In the calm waters of Puget Sound the healing begins for a team of veterans scarred by war.

“I had a light case of TBI, traumatic brain injury”, said scuba diving Mike Biggs. “Kind of went through a state of depression, not being able to function that well.”

Biggs suffered his injuries after serving three tours in Iraq. For Ken Young it’s a similar story.

“One of my injuries was a traumatic brain injury which was pretty severe, cognitive difficulties. I have sensory loss,” explained Young.

Adjusting to civilian life while dealing with so much hurt seemed insurmountable. But, then these men found support in a brotherhood called SWAT, Scuba Warrior Alumni Team.

Biggs said, “Part of diving is the buddy system. You’ve got to learn to stick together and start talking.”

The local, non-profit organization, Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors backs the team, their training, and open water dives.

Both Biggs and Young became scuba instructors for the program and now lead other veterans into a liquid space where weightlessness clears the mind and eases pain.

Scuba Warrior, Jordon Scott said, “Under the water I feel weightless, I don’t have knee problems, I don’t feel my back problems. It just puts me in a playful mood.”

Biggs added, “For me there are times I will just float and just meditate.

Young said, “I’m in the water something changes, I come out a new man. I can think clearly, I feel like my brain is working quicker, I can feel hot and cold which normally I don’t. I can smell which normally I don’t. Now it’s hard to tell I have a condition.”

From land, Young’s daughter, Cassandra can see the positive changes , too. She’s witnessed how time under water can heal most wounds.

“And it’s really helped everyone in my family and it really makes him so happy and it makes me so happy,” she said.

The battle isn’t over yet for the Scuba Warriors, but with every dive, they experience new-found freedom.

“I love it , I get out there I get excited. Diving is my life here,” said Biggs.

Fred Meyer Community Rewards


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Knights of Columbus 4th Degree Honored Internationally


Knights of Columbus 4th Degree is honored Internationally for supporting Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors

The following announcement in the August WA State Knights of Columbus Bulletin is a tribute to All Knights and their parishes that have helped Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors help men and women begin the process of healing after being wounded in service to our country.  This is a testimony to the Patriotic dedication of the 4th Degree Knights and the Leadership Team that guides us.

August 2015 Knights of Columbus Washington State Council Bulletin

Late Breaking News from Supreme Convention, August 5th Philadelphia

We have some late breaking and wonderful news from the Supreme Convention, courtesy of State Deputy Ed Parazoo! Two Washington State Council programs and one Assembly program have received international awards this year.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for your hard work!

Ed Parazoo – State Deputy, Washington Knights of Columbus

First Place International Award:

To Be a Patriot Award Support “Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors”

Our Lady of the Americas Assembly 3123

Bothell, WA

Our Lady of the Americas Assembly partnered with the non-Profit group “Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors” to conduct several programs in support of wounded warriors throughout the 2014-2015 fraternal year. The services the Knights provided were an ongoing and meaningful presence in the lives of the veterans. Knights assisted with activities ranging from Christmas events (Giving Tree, production of stockings and a Christmas party) to making a float for the Fourth of July Parade, to conducting fundraisers and presenting Patriotic Service awards.

“To Be a Patriot” Award was established in 1985 and annually recognizes the three best patriotic programs conducted by Fourth Degree Assemblies each fraternal year. Entries are judged at the district, providence and international level.


Bothell assembly

P.E. Productions Fall Ball 2015


We are very happy that P.E. Productions will be having their Fall Ball Event Oct 24, 2015 for a great evening of entertainment, food, auction. The best part is the “Dash Desert” and the “Auction” proceeds go directly to Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors to help us serve more Warriors. Reginald, who contacted us to inquire about his company doing this fundraiser for us, is a Veteran and the other 2 gentlemen are Veterans as well. Reginald’s wife is also part of the team.  We hope to see you there!

See the Fall Ball Flyer for more information!

4 Marines and 1 Sailor Killed in Tennessee Terrorist Attack


Heartbeat is livid and saddened by the events yesterday where a terrorist attack on our own soil killed 4 of our courageous Marines and 1 courageous Soldier by Kuwaiti born Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, known for his radical Islamist connections .Our Marines were in a “gun free zone” where these Heroes were defenseless and not able to protect themselves. Heartbeat encourages all to pray for the devastated families of these Heroes and may they rest in peace.

Gunnery Sgt Thomas Sullivan who had 2 Purple Hearts

Lance CPL  Skip “ Squire” Wells

Sgt Carson Holmquist

SSGT David Wyatt

Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Smith

A young Marine Veteran honors his brothers that were killed by the terrorist in Tenn.:

Independence Day We Honor



Independence Day is a time to honor past and present Heroes. Our country’s Heroes who wrote and stood for the Declaration of Independence that makes this an exceptional country in spite of those who would say otherwise. Heartbeat also honors our current Heroes, our military, who continually put their lives at risk to keep us safe and to keep this nation great. Please enjoy outstanding article by Rick Manning on American Exceptionalism and a moving video on America from Hillsdale College. As Americans, we share a unique and beautiful heritage of limited constitutional government and personal liberty. Join Hillsdale’s choir in celebrating the blessings of liberty in America by watching this video.




American exceptionalism at risk

By Rick Manning

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

In these 54 words Thomas Jefferson defined the DNA of America, and laid the foundation for individual freedom that has over the course of 239 years led to American Exceptionalism.

Jefferson’s words embodied in the Declaration of Independence were an act of treason, and those who signed the Declaration of Independence committed a heroic act of literally putting their lives, families and fortunes on the chopping block with little objective evidence that the revolution they spawned was going to be successful.

Yet, beyond the secular revolution of breaking away from the England, the American DNA was defined in the bold statement that individual rights were not granted by a government, but instead by God, and that the government itself was created to secure those rights.

This fundamental transformation away from the notion of the divine right of Kings to the subjugation of government to the people was based upon the core statement that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”

Created equal, the rich and poor alike, all given dignity by God with rights that no government could strip away.

A freedom like no other that has ignited Americans to dream, strive, achieve, fail and get up and try again.

Being human, those authors of the Declaration were not perfect, but they chose not to be limited by their cultural or other short-comings.  Instead they chose to set a bar high enough that Americans would always strive to achieve it, and peoples from other countries would always crave to join it.

Today we find the same underlying challenges that faced those brave men who met in Philadelphia in 1776 facing our nation.

Today, there are those who look at the faults of our nation and seek to use them to deny the underlying truths that have made America the envy of the world.

They seek to return our nation to one where natural rights are not endowed by God, but rather reduced to those which the federal government allows us to pretend that we have.

They seek to turn the meaning of the Constitutionally enumerated freedoms upside down.  One example is their attempt to turn the First Amendment on its head.  Flipping its plain meaning from the right to engage in speech, the free exercise of religion, redressing grievances to the government and of the press to a government imposed protection from these very activities under the guise that some sub-group or even the majority might be offended.

Many of the same people who defended the right of miscreants to burn the American flag, now argue that the American flag should be torn from the flag pole as it offends some who come from other cultures. They argue that the government should act to stop the free exercise of religion by virtue of declaring contrary points of view to be “hate speech.”  They argue for the government to impose a personal freedom from being exposed to ideas that they disagree with, so they can maintain a safe zone bubble.

Rather than the free exchanges of ideas that have helped America grow strong, they want a government imposed monopoly of ideas that coincides with their limited understanding of the world.

This is the battle that America has just begun to wake up to.  A national discussion that goes to the root of who we will be in the future, and those whose base argument is that government determines what rights individuals have naturally are trying to silence those who believe that individual freedoms are protected from the government rather than defined by it.

The idea of America is freedom to do, speak and take action without the shackles of a federal government overlord is at risk.  The underlying, guiding assumption of our nation’s history that the government did not bestow rights, so the government cannot take them away is being challenged.

This very revolutionary concept that has brought our nation to being the greatest the world has ever known is in imminent danger.  Should we, as a people, accede to those who wish to rule us by agreeing with their premise that rights are fungible and the government is the grantor of whatever freedom it chooses to allow, America will no longer be exceptional or unique.  Our nation will slip back into the norm of history, being ruled without rights with the people taking whatever crumbs that fall out of our master’s hands rather than striving for their own dreams.

This is why I have joined with others in celebrating July as America Proud month.  A month dedicated to educating and discussing those God-given freedoms that make our nation unique, and American Exceptionalism real.

Rick Manning is the President of Americans for Limited Government.

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Golf Tournament Gives Back To Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors


Golf Tournament Gives Back To Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors

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President threatens to veto pay raise for troops and threatens our national security!



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