Emergency Assistance


The Emergency Assistance Program provides direct financial support for wounded service members and their families in Washington state. Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors helps with many crises that happen when there is reduced income or delayed military pay:

  • Rent is due or past due. Eviction might be an outcome.
  • A wounded service member is in the hospital and has no family close by. A close relative can’t visit and offer emotional support because travel expenses are too high.
  • Utilities are scheduled for shut-off. There might be no heat in the middle of winter and no warm water for bathing.
  • There isn’t enough money to buy food for the whole family.
  • A wounded warrior’s parent in another state has a heart attack, but there isn’t money for airfare.

When life crises occur, Heartbeat provides funds to help wounded service members and their families get through the difficult times. No repayment occurs.

Emergency Assistance FAQ

What is the difference between a wounded and injured service member?

The military defines these terms differently. If the soldier is hurt in an accident while here at home, it’s called an injury. If the soldier is hurt while in a battle or war, it’s called wounded. That is also the term if the soldier is in a car accident while overseas.

Does Heartbeat help both wounded and injured soldiers?

Most of our programs are for both wounded and injured.

Which family members do you help?

Most of the time, we help the immediate family members, such as spouse and children.

Why do you help only the wounded? Don’t others need your help too?

All warriors and their families deserve our time and appreciation. Many organizations serve both wounded and non-wounded. We did at one time too. We realized that we could serve more wounded warriors if we focused completely on them.

How do the soldiers feel about the help Heartbeat provides?

Wounded warriors often send words of appreciation. They’re families are grateful too. Sometimes they write letters. Sometimes they tell us in person. They let us know the huge impact our programs have on their lives.

Why is the Emergency Assistance Program necessary?

When a wounded warrior returns home, the road to recovery is a long and difficult one. Common injuries such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) can appear invisible to the outside world. To the military family, it’s devastating.

The warrior’s severe psychological and physical injuries need 24/7 care. Often the military spouse becomes the primary caregiver, which dramatically reduces income. The financial strain is great. When children are involved, the crisis is even worse.

At Heartbeat we’re committed to helping our heroes rebuild their lives. We want our brave warriors to focus on getting better while we focus on helping those who sacrifice everything for us.

How do wounded service members and their families qualify for help?

The wounded warrior and the family must show financial need by completing a detailed assistance application. We grant assistance on a case-by-case basis. Heartbeat reviews each case closely and responds within 72 hours after receiving the completed application.

Who qualifies for emergency financial assistance?

We serve Wounded Warriors/families that were wounded downrange in combat or in training . Currently serving OIF/OEF in WA STATE only.

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